Inter Lorenzo Romito: Independent researcher on urban changes, artist and activist. Architect (1997), Prix de Rome, Academie de France, Villa Medici, Rome (2000-1). Co -founder of Stalker in 1995, and co-founder of Osservatorio Nomade in 2001 (, Romito contributed to the launches of Primaveraromana in 2009 (, and Stalker Walking School in 2012. Romito has developed projects and published throughout Europe, the United States, South America, Asia and the Middle East. His teaching experience includes walks, seminars and workshops with several schools including T.U. Delft, I.U.A.V. Venezia, H.E.A.D. Geneve, Parsons, the New School of Design New York, H.F.G. Karlsruhe, E.T.H. Zurich, Roma Tre University.

Giulia Fiocca Architect: independent researcher and activist on urban and social transformations focusing on marginal communities, leftover spaces, informal urbanism and self-organized social and cultural practices. Research focusing on Rome, Vienna and Barcelona (Master ‘Metropolis’ in Architecture and Urban Culture at UPC). From 2006 member of Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade participating on Campagnaromana (2006), Rieres//Rambles in Barcelona (2006), Campus Rom: (Rome, Serbia and Macedonia) (2006-08). In 2009 Fiocca and Romito co founded Primaveraromana, a Common Design Project for Social Change in Rome. In 2007 she was awarded the Artist scholarship at the Art Centre Espai Zero in Olot, Catalunya with the exhibition ‘BalkanSuite’: Visiting professor in Architecture, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (2010). Co-founder of Stalker Walking School (2012)

Interview with Stalker in Amateur Cities